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Place of Origin: Thailand
Product name: Purple Cleanroom latex glove
Material: Natural Latex
Color: natural,yellow,pink,red,orange,blue ,green and so on .
Type: unlined ,dip focklined ,spray flocklined .
Size: S, M ,L ,XL.
Weight: 40g,45g,50g,55g,60g,70g,80g
Normal length: 30 cm and also can be customized.
Application: Household Work
Normal packing: 1 pair /OPP bag, 1 dozen / transparent bag ,240 paires/carton.

A number of different industrial settings can also make use of these latex long arm gloves as well. Anytime chemicals are being used, you would certainly want to protect your skin from contact. These longer gloves can protect you, especially where chemical spray is an issue. For example, if you paint indoor fixtures, you can use 18″ long latex gloves in order to protect your arms up to the elbow from exposure to those chemicals. You can then use regular clothing above the elbows in order to protect the skin. JOINT SLEEVE LATEX GLOVES

The easiest place for you to find these gloves is going to be on the Internet, but there may also be some local shops which carry them as well. If you need them for a specialty purpose, there are websites which will cover the exact reason why you need to have them. In this way, you will be insured to have the most protection because the type of latex that is offered will be matched to the job that you are doing.


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